A thriving ecosystem plays a key role in solving large problems. It creates an environment for ideas to flourish and allows effective solutions to scale faster and further.

India has fast-growing communities of problem solvers who are working on its development challenges. It is well within our collective means to support them and enhance their ability to create change.

As the wise say – it takes a village.

The Centre for Social Innovation is working to build a thriving livelihoods ecosystem in partnership with governments, markets and civil society.

We started in 2017 to nudge India’s top talent into the nonprofit sector

Here’s a glimpse into our journey and how our thinking has evolved over the years.

An enabling ecosystem accelerates scale and impacts potential


By harnessing potential of open networks & digital public goods, emerging tech for fostering social innovation


By ensuring long-term sustainable capital inflow into the livelihoods sector


By nudging top talent to solve for livelihood challenges in India


By addressing policy gaps in livelihoods through advocacy, promotion & adoption of policies to foster social innovation

Our programs

Indian Administrative Fellowship

Extending the reach and efficiency of government programs by augmenting government capacity with tech-first thinking

Social Entrepreneurship

Enabling India’s highest potential nonprofit entrepreneurs to accelerate their impact

The/Nudge Prize

Mobilising attention, talent and capital to solve India’s toughest challenges


Strengthening India’s livelihood community through platforms for learning, networking and collaboration

Transforming Agriculture for Small Farmers (TASF)

Developing innovative interventions and business models and collaborating with the agricultural private sector to scale these solutions.

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