Despite strong overall economic progress, India continues to have high-density pockets of extreme exclusion

According to SECC, 2011, 75% of 23 million households that meet at least 3 deprivation criteria are concentrated in just 9 states.

Annual household income under

Tied to unpredictable wage labour

Living on less than 2 meals a day

Ownership of little to no land or productive asset

No savings (80% of income gets spent on food)

Socially and geographically excluded

Little to no access to social entitlements

due to limited resources, social exclusion, and lack of access to basic services and opportunities.

Economic Inclusion Programs have been proven to work for these women

Support for economic inclusion programs like the graduation approach and cash-plus-care are growing. Multiple institutions across the world have demonstrated an impact.

Government of India has prioritised the most excluded

We are working with central ministries and state government to help these marginalised communities through the Economic Inclusion Program.

A pathway out of extreme exclusion

Anjani Birohar Didi

Lohardaga, Jharkhand

Before joining the Economic Inclusion Program by The/Nudge, I didn’t have much confidence in creating a livelihood for myself or providing for my children. Now, 3 years after the program, I raise hens, goats, pigs and also run my own kitchen garden. With The/Nudge’s support, we have also been able to learn about and access government schemes and build a cement house for me and my family.

Sarita Birohar Didi

Lohardaga, Jharkhand

Earlier, my family and I used to forage in the forest and make ropes and other forest-based items to sell in the market. It’s been 3 years since I became a part of the End Ultra Poverty program. They taught me how to till the soil, plant vegetables according to the seasons, and about fertilizers, weedicides and pesticides. I can now grow vegetables for my family to eat and also to sell for a profit in the market. I’ve been able to sell my vegetables, including tomatoes, potatoes, and lady fingers, for more than INR 11,000 in one season.

Our partners

Hear from our partners

Devang Bhandari

Global COO, ESG Advisory (Impact), KPMG

Our partnership with The/Nudge Institute is rooted in scaling evidence-based models of poverty alleviation, such as “graduation approach”, to enable 23 million households to come out of extreme exclusion in India. The/Nudge has been on this journey for over three years now and we can already see tremendous progress with the first cohort of 400 families. The resilience of the women participants is nothing short of an inspiration! I have no doubt that the tenacity of The/Nudge team is going to win!

Shri Bishnu C. Parida

Chief Operating Officer, Jharkhand State Livelihood Promotion Society (JSLPS), Government of Jharkhand

Quality institutional collaboration at all levels is important to reach sustainable development. Our partnership with The/Nudge Institute is crucial to develop a roadmap for overall development of the most excluded in rural Jharkhand. This partnership is based on mutual-trust, expertise and technical strength. Delivery-oriented sector specific professionals and in-depth understanding of technological solutions makes The/Nudge Institute a sought-after partner.

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