Founder & CEO

Atul Satija

After 17 years of starting, scaling and turning around various businesses in some of the largest and most respected organisations globally, Atul decided to start The/Nudge Foundation to fulfill his passion of working on inequality and social issues facing India.

He was previously the Chief Revenue Officer of InMobi and continues to support as Chief Business Advisor. Prior to InMobi, he has worked in key positions at Google, Adobe, Samsung and Infosys. He was also the Chairman of the board of a non-profit, EndPoverty.

Atul holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Indian School of Business and B-Tech from National Institute of Technology.

Community Engagement

Sriram V

Sriram leads community outreach and mobilization at The/Nudge Foundation. After many years of experience across consulting and market research at Frost and Sullivan and GlobalData, Sriram’s entrepreneurial journey led him to build the India community mobilization and retail fundraising operations at Amnesty International India where he mobilized 2 million people. His beliefs are rooted in equal access to opportunities and people driven social change at scale.

Sriram holds a B.E (Hons) from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani.

Lokesh V.T.

Lokesh is part of the community engagement team where he looks after student admissions through telemarketing. A self made man from Mandya, Lokesh believes in continuous learning and working hard to achieve one's goals. Lokesh aspires to be a changemaker and is an animal lover.

Anusuya Prabhakaran

Anu is part of the community engagement team and leads a team of on-field community mobilizers. Prior to The/Nudge, she worked with Amnesty International India. She comes with extensive experience in working with youth and children with special needs. She is deeply passionate about the upliftment of underprivileged.

Shivraju L K

Shivaraju is part of the community engagement team at The/Nudge Foundation. He comes with 6 years of experience at Labournet Services India Pvt Ltd as a Center Co-ordinator. Shivaraju comes in with a strong grassroots experience in students mobilization for skilling and placements.

Jayanthi KC

Jayanthi is part of the community engagement team at The/Nudge. Having worked with several self help groups and differently abled people in the past, Jayanthi brings with her ground zero knowledge about the communities. Jayanthi enjoys being on the field and spending time in communities.

Swarnava Gupta

Swarnava drives organizational partnerships for community engagement. Prior to The/Nudge, she was a Teach for India Fellow. She believes that her strength of accepting challenges and optimism combined with the love of learning and hard work will help her fight towards the cause she stands by at The/Nudge foundation.

Swarnava holds a Bachelors in Life Sciences from Bangalore University.

Shubhang Subramanya

Shubhang works with the community engagement team. He handles program management operations. He has been trained and certified in Lean & Six Sigma. He believes that poverty alleviation should be the priority for NGO's today.

Shubhang holds a Bachelors in Engineering from Bangalore Institute of Technology.


Sailaja Gudla

Sailaja leads Finance at The/Nudge. She comes with ten years of experience in e-commerce and retail industry with experience in funding, business process structuring, statutory audits, due diligence audits etc. She made a shift from a corporate career with a strong desire to give back.

Sailaja is a Chartered Accountant and holds a Masters Degree from IIM Bangalore.


Saurabh Adeeb

Saurabh leads Fundraising at The/Nudge Foundation. In the past, Saurabh has worked with companies like Google and Motorola and also been a vocalist with Indie rock bands Sonic Flare and Dust Clinic. Between his job and his love for music, he has volunteered with several NGOs in the past. The/Nudge, however, is his chance to create impact on a large scale.

Saurabh holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Indian School of Business and a Bachelors in Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology.

Gurukul Operations

Gopal K

Gopal leads Gurukul operations at The/Nudge Foundation. Prior to The/Nudge, Gopal was an Executive Coach on the global panel of KornFerry. Gopal has held senior leadership positions in organizations like AOL, ING, Hewitt and NIIT.

Gopal is a mechanical engineer with a post graduation in management from IIMB.

Aditi Mandal

Aditi is a Trainer at the Gurukul. She taught in government schools and nunneries in Ladakh under her project Lessons for Ladakh. Prior to teaching in Ladakh she worked in fundraising in Greenpeace and was a Teach India volunteer. She believes that the best way to eliminate many problems facing the under-privileged section is to educate and train them and make them employable and contributing members of the society.

She holds a B.A(Hons) in Applied Psychology from Amity University, Noida.

Margaret Susan Mary

Margaret is a warden at the Gurukul. She comes with extensive experience in managing students at schools and hostels being a Chief Warden for 8 years.

Margaret holds a Bachelors degree in Science.

Ramya Muthulakshmi

Ramya is a Trainer at the Gurukul. She strongly believes that money must not come in the way of education and is passionate about bridging the gap for the youth to climb out of poverty and be independent.

Ramya holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Applications from Christ University.

Deepti Dwivedi

Deepti is a Vice-Principal at the Gurukul. She has 6 years of experience in corporate law and litigation in Supreme Court. She decided to follow her strong passion in the social sector to help the youth build a better life and alleviate poverty. She strongly feels that the world needs more healers than lawyers.

Deepti holds a LLB degree from Pune university.

Cyril Joseph

Cyril is a Trainer at the Gurukul. He is a social scientist with 7 years of experience in the development sector and a year of corporate experience. He develops teaching strategies, creative thinking amongst students and touches the lives of students through his teaching.

Cyril holds a Masters in Social Work from St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore.

Ajesh Thomas

Ajesh is a Trainer at the Gurukul. He is passionate about teaching and making significant changes in the lives of his students. He has worked with Pre University and Degree colleges for eight years.

Ajesh holds a MA in English from Indira Gandhi University, and BA from Mangalore University.

Shruti Singhania

Shruti is a Principal at the Gurukul. She has worked for 4 years as a Software Engineer before joining Teach for India Fellowship in Pune where she taught grade 3 students. She strongly believes in the need of the hour for innovative solutions to bridge the social inequity gap in our country.

She holds a B.Tech (IT) degree from Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information Technology, Gujarat.

Rakesh U

Rakesh is a Trainer at the Gurukul. He believes that as a trainer he is responsible for molding the lives of people. Rakesh has previously worked in banking sector prior to taking a plunge into training. He has worked as a trainer for Nipunya Nidhi, a skill development programme for the college students by the government of Karnataka.

Rakesh holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in HR and Finance.

Manjesha K

Manjesha works as an Admin at The Gurukul. He is an Alumni of the Gurukul and hails from Hassan.

Jasmin Tadvi

Jasmin is a Trainer at the Gurukul. Before joining to The/Nudge she was a Teach For India Fellow in Pune. She is passionate about bringing a change in the society and making a difference in people's lives.

Jasmin holds a Bachelors in Technology in IT from College of Engineering, Pune (COEP).

Prajwal Shenoy

Prajwal is a Trainer at the Gurukul. Prajwal joined right after comlpleting his bachelors.

Prajwal holds a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Bangalore Institute of Technology.


Bosco is a Trainer at the Gurukul. His role requires him to inspire students and get them prepared for a challenging professional career. He has been in the field of training for the past 6 years and feels it is a great way to directly impact lives.

Bosco holds a Masters Degree is Sociology from Mysore University.


Swapna is a Trainer at the Gurukul. She primarily coaches our students on the hardskills which are imperative in making them employable. Swapna has over 6 years of experience as a beautician and beautician coach.


Sayi Pavithrasagar

Sayi leads marketing at The/Nudge Foundation. He worked in telecom and technology sectors for more than decade with companies like Siemens, Nokia and Ericsson. Before joining The/Nudge, he was leading operations and marketing for the education technology startup that he co-founded. He is passionate about education as a long term solution for poverty alleviation.

Sayi holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from INSEAD and B.Tech from National Institute of Technology (Calicut).

New Initiatives

Khushboo Maheshwari

Khushboo leads New Initiatives at The/Nudge Foundation. She is a startup enthusiast and has co-founded two startups - a hyperlocal connect platform and a cross-border ecommerce platform. Prior to that, she has 9 years of hands-on leadership & management experience in strategy, business development, operations and marketing at InMobi, P&G, Nike and Booz & Company. She wants to help bring innovation and human capital together to solve society's most urgent challenges.

Khushboo holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Harvard Business School and B-Tech & M-Tech from IIT Bombay.


Santosh Charan

Santosh leads Learning and Life Foundation products for Gurukul at The/Nudge Foundation. Previously, he was a Teach For India Fellow. He then set up the region’s Corporate relations and led Recruitment. Prior to joining The/Nudge, he had also cofounded a startup in the technology space. Innovation and scale are what excite him as he designs the outcomes and delivery model for all our Gurukuls to create sustainable change among youth.

Santosh holds a Bachelors degree in Informations Systems from BITS, Pilani.

John Paul S

John leads livelihood skills, placements and life/guard at The/Nudge Foundation. Before The/Nudge, he was working with Amnesty International India. Prior to that, he has worked with organizations such as Frost & Sullivan, GBI Research and Reckitt Benckiser. He believes that everyone has the potential to innovate and to beat odds, if we remain curious and persevere. He gets his energy and inspiration from football and comics.

John holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Indian School of Business and a Bachelors in Pharmacy from BITS, Pilani.

Amulya Yerramaneni

Amulya is passionate about holistic and sustainable interventions for human development. Prior to The/Nudge, she worked for Pratham Education Foundation in the Capacity Building Unit of ASER Centre.

Amulya is a Young India Fellow from Ashoka University, and holds a Bachelors in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from BITS-Pilani.

Anahat Kahlon

Anahat works with the product team and organises High Tea and Around The World series for the students at the Gurukul. Apart from that she also builds the Numeracy curriculum. She wishes to solve problems that bridge the economic divide in India and the World.

Anahat holds Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Christ University.

Ritika Rastogi

Ritika works with the product team at The/Nudge Foundation. In her previous role as a Teach for India Fellow, she has taught at a public school in an urban slum in Delhi. She also co-founded The Magic Room, a learning space to create student leaders in the community. She believes that innovation, education, intention, talent and scale can solve world’s biggest problems.

Ritika holds a Bachelors in Commerce from University of Delhi.

Ritu George

Ritu drives life/guard, the The/Nudge Foundation's lifelong support system for our alumni. She is an architect and urbanist with past social sector experience with Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy and Habitat for Humanity.

Ritu holds a Masters in Urban Development from Technische Universitat Darmstadt and Universite Pierre Mendes France and a Bachelors in Architecture from the College of Engineering Trivandrum.

Nona Kaveramma

Nona drives student placement at The/Nudge. Prior to joining The/Nudge, she worked as a Tribal project Coordinator with Fedina (Foundation For Educational Innovations in Asia). She strongly believes that every individual should have the opportunity to progress with no economic or social barrier.

Nona holds a Masters in Social work from Christ University, Bangalore.

People Operations & HR

Sudha Srinivasan

Sudha heads People Operations and Human Resources at The/Nudge Foundation. Prior to joining The/Nudge, Sudha worked at Intel, where she spent nearly 13 years in various leadership roles spanning business operations, engineering and organizational development. She has great passion for enabling organizations to ramp in scale and competence, and achieve audacious goals.

Sudha is an engineer by training, and holds an MBA from IIM Lucknow.

Mahesh Medlari

Mahesh leads recruitment at The/Nudge. He started his career as a Fellow at Teach For India and has been in the development sector since. Mahesh has led the recruitment efforts for different regions at Teach For India and has had a brief stint as a Strategy consultant. He believes that demography shouldn't dictate destiny and wants opportunities to be equally accessible.

Mahesh holds a Bachelors in Engineering from M.S. Ramiah Institute of Technology.

Rimona Franklin

Rimona experimented with a number of career options that included Content Writing, Editing, PR, Event Management and Television Production before settling down with HR. However, it is at The/Nudge Foundation where she found the sense of work satisfaction that she had been searching for all along.

Rimona is a Visual Communication Graduate from Women's Christian College. She is currently pursuing Masters in Psychology with Madras University and MBA in HR with Bharatiyar University through distant education.

Kalyani Salgame

Kalyani works as EA to the CEO. After interning at various NGOs and attending a summer program at the London School of Economics, she made the decision early on to follow her passion and pursue a career in the Development Sector.

Kalyani hold a Bachelors degree in Media Studies from Jain University - CMS.