Running For Impact
'Running For Impact' is an initiative by passionate adventurer and runner Bandan Jot Singh, that encourages runners to go an extra mile, and raise funds for social causes and organisations like The/Nudge. The/Nudge works towards alleviating poverty by helping underprivileged youth gain education, livelihood skills and a job.

In 2013, Bandan went on a climate change expedition to Antarctica and was led by world renowned explorer Sir Robert Swan. Bandan dedicated 8 months to raise funds for the expedition and with the help of his key supporter Red Bull, became one of the few people in the world to explore Antarctica and understand the implications of global warming in the coldest place on planet earth. The tour to Antarctica triggered the passion to rise above the mundane for Bandan. He knew he could create a bigger impact using the power of social media as a fundraising tool for nonprofits. Since then, Bandan has associated with many programs and events raising funds for social causes.
Running for Impact: The Vision
Every year in India alone, 300+ registered marathon events are scheduled and are run by more than half a million runners. Bandan believes, if Indian runners start running for raising funds for the ideas they believe in, they can not only reap the fruits of a healthy regime but also bring bigger social awareness and changes. In 2018, Bandan is 'Running for Impact' for The/Nudge. The funds raised by him and fellow impact runners for each marathon they participate in will go towards the upliftment of underprivileged youth at The/Nudge’s Gurukul, helping them gain better education and a job.
Donate to Transform Lives!
By joining as well as supporting the 'Running for Impact' community, you can help thousands of underprivileged men and women, who fail to realise their dreams because of extreme poverty, gain education and employment.
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“Running is about inspiring people to do things they never thought they could.”
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