we exist to alleviate poverty,
sustainably and scalably

India has the largest population below the poverty line in the world.  even as trends in poverty alleviation in the last decade are encouraging, over 364 million people in India continue to experience severe deprivations in health, education and living standards.

% of people living below the poverty line

poverty distribution in India

image source : Hindustan Times

a big, bold mindset is needed to solve problems of poverty
in our lifetime


Indians are poor

that makes it one in 4 Indians


of India’s poor live in rural areas



7 / 192


130 / 189


16 / 154

123 / 158

our purpose

in 2015, every nation in the world signed up to an audacious commitment of eradicating poverty in this generation. it was in the same year that The/Nudge Foundation started with the bold vision to see a poverty-free India within the current generation.

Purpose of The/Nudge

early on, we realized the power of small positive nudges in setting the economically disadvantaged on pathways out of poverty. our first program - the Gurukul - was a nudge for young adults to achieve their potential by developing life, learning and livelihood skills. encouraged by the results of this program, we created the The/Nudge Centre for Skill Development & Entrepreneurship as an institution dedicated to creating robust mechanisms for skills development at scale.

N/Core - The/Nudge Centre for Social Innovation was born out of the need to make the development sector attractive to top talent. our incubator is a nudge to early stage entrepreneurs to commit to solving India’s problems at scale. our accelerator program helps young nonprofit organizations to achieve an ambitious  trajectory of meaningful impact. a collective of experts, mentors and funders contribute to these programs and accelerate the startup journey of high potential nonprofits.

our The/Nudge Centre for Rural Development nudges the invisible populations in extreme poverty to take the first steps towards economic empowerment. this is a critical intervention that addresses basic human development needs through an evidence based approach advocated by Nobel Laureates Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo.

across all impact streams, our singular purpose is to make India poverty-free in our generation. because together, we can.

purpose of The/Nudge Poverty free India

our goal

enable 10 million people to come out of poverty by 2025

impact streams


an institution for youth employability, employment and entrepreneurship

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an initiative to nudge and nurture talent to solve for India's most important problems

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an integrated
micro-entrepreneurship program to pull
ultra-poor households out of extreme poverty

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