July 8, 2020

Overcoming Adversity

Hampamma is 21 years old. She is from a village in Koppal district. When she was 4 years old her mother passed away and her father remarried. There are 7 members in her family. Her father got her married when she was in 6th. When she was 14 years old, she moved to her husband’s home. Husband and his family abused her a lot. She also lost her first child during pregnancy. She somehow left her husband and came back home but she was constantly traumatised and was severely depressed. She tried to take her life but one of her aunt stopped her and encouraged her. The aunt told her to join Gurukul and prove to her husband that she was capable of doing anything.

Hampamma used to keep crying at Gurukul as well but slowly began liking the atmosphere. She graduated with a job at hand at Aayina beauty salon with a starting salary of Rs. 7000/- per month.