know more about how we are contributing to a poverty free india, within our lifetime

03 - December 2022
Marathahalli, Bangalore

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10th NOVEMBER 2022

Enabling social entrepreneurs and innovation in livelihoods

There is a need to induce, sustain and scale innovation at a national scale to solve India's unique grassroots problems.
To achieve this, multiple solutions need to be designed to support each stage of the innovation lifecycle.
We invite you to join us for a discussion on how we enable such social impact ideas

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Deploying a tech-first approach in product development for rural India

What if you could build products to pull 288 million people in rural India out of poverty?

03 Nov | 4PM ONwards

27th OCTOBER 2022
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03rd NOVEMBER 2022

Building ed-tech solutions for the upward economic mobility of low-income youths

Developing ed-tech products for underserved segments comes with its own set of unique challenges.
If you wish to design such products with a new innovative approach then join us for a discussion.

10 Nov | 4PM Onwards

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17th NOVEMBER 2022

Billion to zero - building strategies for a poverty-free India

A poverty-free India within our lifetime. Does it sound like an unrealistic dream to you?
If systems thinking and building organization strategies are some of the tools that trigger your mind then join us for a discussion to create such strategies

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